St John Youth Victoria engages young people between the ages of 12-18 years in a First Aid oriented youth program.

Youth members participate in regular training sessions, usually on a weekly basis, for up to 2 hours. First Aid and other relevant skills are developed through age appropriate activities and training designed and delivered with young people in mind.

Service to the community is a fundamental part of the St John Youth Victoria program and youth members are encouraged to attend public events with experienced adult members, including qualified health professionals, to provide First Aid and assistance to the community.

A youth member who attends training and provides First Aid at events in their local community develops a sense of service and helps build community resilience. They develop leadership and communication skills that allow them to respond confidently in emergencies, contribute to the development of St John Victoria in leadership roles and reach their own personal potential.

An annual fee of $120 is payable, with reduced rates for siblings. The fee covers uniform, training and most activities. Additional costs apply for some optional activities, including camps and some social activities.


First Aid training includes a blend of accredited qualifications and non-accredited training delivered in a sequential manner from basic First Aid skills through to First Responder modules and the pre-requisites for adult membership. Training is delivered by qualified adult members with extensive experience in the delivery of First Aid and medical care.

Proficiency courses form part of the curriculum and build upon First Aid and other related skills. These are short courses that are designed to offer areas in which a young member can specialise in relevant skills and feel a sense of achievement in working towards a goal. The proficiency courses include subjects such as radio communications, emergency management, casualty simulation and fire safety.

First Aid competitions are the culmination of the training conducted within divisions and require the demonstration of teamwork and leadership skills. The challenges presented within the competition reflect realistic situations that members may be confronted with in an event or emergency situation. Competitions progress from divisional level, with selection through to State, National and international level.


Youth members contribute service to the broader community primarily through the provision of First Aid at events, and on a local level through their participation and commitment to their divisional community.

Between the ages of 12 and 14 years youth members have the opportunity to attend events and provide First Aid under the direct supervision of adult members as a development experience to further their First Aid skills and knowledge. From the age of 15 years they work towards accredited qualifications that provide a scope of practice that enables them to be deployed operationally at appropriate events.


The development of leadership skills is a key element of St John Youth. The program includes formal leadership training and roles for both young people under 18 years. Members have the opportunity to demonstrate these skills at their divisional training nights, at events and at other activities such as overnight camps.


The progress and accomplishments of our youth members are recognised with formal awards and through promotion to leadership roles, selection for training opportunities and event attendance.


The St John Youth program includes a variety of age appropriate activities to effectively engage its participants. Activities incorporate First Aid elements or related skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership and provide opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Activities are held at both a divisional level and at a state level, and range from games during regular meetings and educational excursions to sports and adventure activities, First Aid competitions and overnight camps.

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