St John offers a diverse range of experiences to registered nurses, paramedics, doctors and emergency services professionals. As a St John Health Care Volunteer, you will be be attending local and major events and incidents, assisting in clinical and professional development and forging lasting connections with like-minded colleagues.

By volunteering with St John, you will:

  • Develop essential pre-hospital skills including triage and complex care
  • Experience unique multiple patient presentations in the pre-hospital environment during the early stages of acute illness
  • Gain an understanding of the State Health Emergency Response Plan (SHERP) and disaster medicine including chemical, biological and radiological incidents
  • Have access to simulation training
  • Have the opportunity to undertake additional qualifications including frontline management, training and assessment, and emergency management training
  • Network and interact with other health professionals and emergency services agencies

St John also recognises the need for flexible volunteering. As an alternative to joining a local division, you could become part of our Virtual Division or State Support Unit. The state support unit is designed to support the day to day operational needs such as re-stocking kits and vehicles as well as providing additional professional support at events.

All St John Health Professionals have an opportunity to volunteer with our Medical Assistance Team (MAT). The MAT is deployed to high-risk major events and incidents, providing a raft of services including advanced airway management, trauma care, cardiac care and pre-hospital stabilisation prior to transport to hospital.

After members have demonstrated their skills additional training opportunities are available completely free of charge:

  • St John First Responder Induction Program
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Defibrillation
  • Asthma Management
  • Advanced Medications
  • Certificate II in Emergency Medical Service First Response
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment

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